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Activity 1: Checking on your practical experience


If you are online (connected to the Internet) click on this link for the questionnaire it will take you straight to the activity online, your answers will automatically be sent to your tutor.


If you are working on this course from a CD-ROM , you will need to follow the instructions below.

Read this first and then click on the fish- this is the link to the Word Document.

Read through each of the tasks outlined, and then decide if you understand the statement and if you already have some experience to do the task.

When you have made your decision, place a tick or any mark in the appropriate column according to the scale (don't worry about the spacing or making it 'look' right, your computer skills are not being judged!)

Add your name & details.

Print a copy for your folder.

Save the document and send it to your tutor by post or as an attachment via email. Your tutor will provide you with feedback and their recommendations on which learning path to follow.

Activity 1



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