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What this Unit is About

Unit A1 - Assess candidates using a range of methods

This unit is appropriate for you if your role involves:

The activities you are likely to be involved in:

What the unit covers:

  1. Developing plans for assessing competence with candidates
  2. Judging evidence against agreed standards to make assessment decisions
  3. Giving candidates feedback and support on your assessment decisions
  4. Contributing to the internal quality assurance process


This unit covers assessing of candidates by using different assessment methods. These include:

Assessment can include material from Awarding Bodies and from within your own organisation. It can also include assessing the competence of those who assess candidates as a major part of their role.

Observation may take place in person or using appropriate technology such as video tape. Evidence may also include examining products. All candidates must show they have agreed assessment requirements. You must also show you are aware of and understand the appeals and complaints procedures and the process for handling them.


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