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Planning the Assessment



The assessor and candidate work together to decide which part of the standards they will be working on. They will also decide what sort of evidence will be available and how to obtain the evidence, this could be from prior achievement, existing work role and/or from sources outside the work role.

An initial assessment needs to take place in order to identify any competence already achieved and if there is any evidence available to support this. Identification of any gaps that might not be covered by the work role, and any areas for development that need to be identified and actioned. It is also a good idea to keep the initial Action Plan to hand.

The easiest way to make a start is to identify evidence from the criteria that the candidate feels they already cover in their work role. The type of work they are doing - if it relates to the units - and note what evidence of finished products they need to collect. If there is an element of the unit that involves practical work, then the assessor will need to make arrangements to visit and plan for an observation assessment.


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