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Quality checks for evidence



of evidence can usually be established by checking the wording of the performance criteria against which the evidence is to be assessed to judge if the evidence is relevant to what is required.


can be established by requiring corroboration from others in the form of oral or written statements, countersignatures on documents. Questioning the candidate about how the evidence was generated can also confirm authenticity.


can be confirmed by specifying a 'sell-by' date for evidence and by checking dates when evidence is submitted. Some awarding bodies stipulate a limit of two years for the 'age' of evidence. Where there is doubt, you can question the candidate or submit him/her to skills tests to confirm that their competence is still current.


can be confirmed by checking the evidence guide for the element you are assessing. This will normally specify the amount of evidence the candidate has to produce. The use of checklists while carrying out assessment will also help ensure that you do not overlook any evidence requirement.


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Activity 23

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