What this Unit is about
1: Checking your practical experience
2: Checking your existing knowledge
3: Personal Action Plan
A1 - Performance Criteria
A1 - Knowledge Requirements
Job Role of an Assessor
Process of Assessment
4: Planning
5: Assessing Performance by Observation
6: Assessing Knowledge & Understanding
7: Decide and Feedback
Types of Evidence
8: APA
9: Identifying Sources of Evidence
10: Quality of Evidence from Different Sources
Accuracy of Assessment
11: Judging Evidence
Equal Opportunities
12: Identifying Barriers to Access
13: Overcoming Barriers to Access
14: Meeting Special Needs Assessment
Appeals & Complaints
Quality Assurance
16: Quality Checks for Evidence
17: Keeping Assessment Records
How to Build your Portfolio of Evidence
Useful Links
Suggested Reading
Course Evaluation Form