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Unit A1 - Assess Candidates Using a Range of Methods

(This course has been written for the web and designed by Hilary Bucci)



Course Objective

At the end of this course you should have sufficient knowledge about assessing, have been observed by your assessor and built your portfolio to gain certification for the A1 (Assessors Award)

This site should be easy to follow - on the left side of the page you will see a navigation bar containing the full contents of the site. The numbered sections are pages for you to complete and email to your tutor. All the other sections are learning sections that you will need to work through, the yellow buttons here, on the Home Page are quick links to the learning sections. If, at any time you need any help or support please feel free to use the 'E-mail tutor' button, to send your tutor a message.

The Process of your Course

You will need to work through the learning sections and the numbered activity sections (as indicated on the left hand navigation bar of each page).

The activity sections must be e-mailed or posted to your tutor when you have completed them - you will then receive feedback and any other support needed will be arranged. Please don't worry if you don't have any computer skills, it is not these skills that are being assessed - the necessary instructions are included (click on 'useful links' on the left side of the page or the gold button above) and if you need any other support or help please email or telephone your tutor.

During the course it is important that you have regular contact and support from your tutor. It is your responsibility to arrange these - please email your tutor to arrange times etc.

The same applies to your assessment in the workplace, again - please e-mail or telephone your tutor to arrange times etc.

When you have been through most of the sections and feel comfortable with the process, you should move on to the section titled 'How to Build Your Portfolio of Evidence' this is a guide to the evidence you need to gain your qualification.

You will need to:

When you have completed your training and portfolio with observation reports from your assessor your folder will be ready to submit for Internal Verification. After this stage, if all the paperwork is in order you will receive your certificate.

Your completed folder will then be retained by us until it has been seen by the External Verifier from City and Guilds, after which it will be returned to you.

What this Unit is About performance criteria

build your portfolio

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