How to Build your Portfolio of Evidence


Step by Step Guide: Assess Candidates using a range of methods

A1.1 - Develop plans with candidates for assessing competence

A1.2 - Judge evidence against criteria to make assessment decisions

A1.3 - Provide feedback and support to candidates on assessment decision

A1.4 - Contribute to the internal quality assurance process


A1. Evidence of Knowledge Requirements

Please answer the following questions to cover the recorded explanations required for the competencies in A1.1

a) State the assessment methods used in your 3 assessment plans (minimum 4 methods)

b) Please explain why these methods were selected and which competencies they covered

c) Explain why they are valid, reliable and fair indicators of competence

d) Give an explanation of how others (for example other assessors, peers or witnesses) have been involved in the assessment process and their precise contribution to the process.

You will also require 1 written record to explain the following procedures within your assessment centre:

a) How to provide access to assessment for candidates with individual special needs and special assessment requirements

b) How disputes and appeals about assessment decisions are handled

c) The internal standardisation and quality assurance arrangements

d) How assessments are recorded

e) Sources of information regarding assessment requirements and best practice