Activity 1



Read the statements and then rate your experience of each task on the following scale:

1 = No practical experience - full development required

2 = Some experience but further training required

3 = Experienced and fully competent


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Key Task

Rating 1

No experience

Rating 2

Some experience

Rating 3

Fully experienced

I can indentify best opportunities for a candidate to produce evidence
I can negotiate, agree and review an assessment plan with a candidate
I can ensure a candidate's access to fair and reliable assessment
I can advise and encourage a candidate to collect valid performance evidence
I can assess a candidate by observation
I can assess a candidate by examining products
I can administer pre-set simulations and tests
I can judge performance evidence accurately, fairly and reliably
I can refer difficulties in making judgements to an appropriate authority
I can give feedback and advice following a judgement of performance
I can collect evidence of knowledge using valid and reliable methods
I can use clear questions that do not lead the candidate
I can judge knowledge evidence accurately, fairly and reliably
I can ensure access to knowledge assessment is appropriate to the candidates needs

I can judge accurately, fairly and reliably evidence from:

Natural Performance, Simulations, Projects & Assignments, Questioning, Candidate and PeerRreports, Candidates' Prior Experience and Learning

I can carry out quality checks on evidence from differing sources
I can provide constructive feedback following a judgement of evidence from differing sources
I can make fair and reliable assessment decisions on the totality of the evidence
I can clarify inconsistencies in the evidence
i can record assessment decisions and evidence in line with the requirements
I can maintain accurate, legible and secure records

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